Dr. Mihai Lungu
Project manager

Is graduated from the University of Timisoara with a B.Sc. degree in Physics in 1986.  He received a Ph.D. degree in physics at the West University of Timisoara in 1998. He is currently associate professor at the Faculty of Physics at the West University of Timisoara. His research interests are concerned with the electrohydrodynamics of nanometric suspensions in heterogeneous media, recovery of useful components from mineral and industrial wastes, plasma physics and applications of plasma in medicine.

 Dr. Adrian Neculae
Senior researcher

Is graduated from the University of Bucharest with a B.Sc. degree in technological physics in 1988.  He received a Ph.D. degree in physics at the West University of Timisoara in 2000 and Ph.D degrees in Mechanics at the University Paris VI and in Mathematics at the West University of Timisoara in 2003. He is currently a lecturer at the Faculty of Physics at the West University of Timisoara. His research interests are concerned with the modelisation of transport phenomena within heterogeneous media and the applications of electric fields to biology, particularly in the context of micro and nano-systems.

Dr. Iosif Malaescu
Senior researcher

He received the B.Sc. in Physics, at University of Timisoara in 1979 and he obtained his PhD at Babes-Bolyai University in 1997. Since 1986 he held from contest the position of assistant at the Faculty of Physics of the West University of Timisoara, where he is currently a Professor and Director of Physics Department. Since 2009 he is Ph.D. advisor at the Physics Doctoral School of the West University of Timisoara. His research deals mainly with measurements of the electric and magnetic properties of nanomaterials (magnetic fluids) in radiofrequency range and microwave, being the initiator of the new direction of research which referring at the study of the nanoparticles systems behavior in high frequency fields. He has published books and courses for students in recognized publishers with ISBN or ISSN. He is a leader and took part in several research projects on these subjects in the Romania and Ireland, which collaborates with Professor P. C. Fannin at Trinity College of Dublin.

Dr. Madalin Bunoiu
Senior researcher

Has received his Ph.D in Physics in 2003 from West University of Timisoara and Institute Nationale Polytechnique Grenoble. He is Associate Professor in the Department of Physics, West University of Timisoara. Dr. Bunoiu developed activities in the field of crystal growth and characterization dialed with the development, obtaining and characterization of single crystals. Currently his activities are related to the modeling of micro and nano-scale processes. Besides numerous published papers and presentations to important conferences in the field of materials science, Dr. Bunoiu also edited three conference proceedings published by the American Institute of Physics.

Doctoral student Antoanetta Lungu
Assistant research

Is graduated from the Babes Bolyai University of Cluj with a B.Sc. degree in  Chemistry-Physics in 1992, the University of Bucharest with specialization Chemical and physical in 1996, the West University of Timisoara with specialization Distributed computing in 2000, and a M.Sc in Physics Informatics in 2011 at Physics Faculty of the West University Timisoara. She is currently theacher college of physics, chemistry and computer science undergraduate education and PhD student at Physics Faculty of the West University Timisoara. Her current research interests are in nano-micro particle characterization and properties of manganese ferrites.

Dr. Nicolae Marian Strambeanu
Senior researcher

General Manager of the SC PRO AIR CLEAN ECOLOGIC SA Timisoara – company specialized in services of decontamination, administration and incineration of hazardous waste. Graduated the Faculty of Chemical Engeneering Timisoara (1980), PhD (1998), Senior researcher degree (1999), Associate Professor of the University „Politehnica” Timisoara (1982), Environmental expert degree (2007).

1 invention + 2 patent application scientific papers, 81+2 speciality books in wather filtering, water treatment and waste gas treatment of polluted soils decontamination purposes.

Dr. Jenel Marian Patrascu
Senior researcher

Orthopedic Physician and head of Orthopedics II Department, County Emergency Clinical Hospital of Timisoara, head of the Department of Orthopaedics, Urology and Medical Imagistic at Faculty of Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Victor Babes” Timisoara. Reviewer for “The American Journal of Sports Medicine (AJSM)”, “Journal of Tissue Engineering and regenerative Medicine”.

Preoccupations in the field regarding the nanoparticle effect in femoral head aseptic necrosis, over 15000 successful surgeries done in Romania and abroad.

Vasile Mosoarca


Technician at the Physics Faculty, West University of Timisoara, laboratories of Plasma Physics and Electricity.