"Present and perspectives in airborne particulate matter pollution in city of Timisoara.

Causes and potential hazards to human healt and environment.

Policies and strategies on air pollution control and prevention."

The workshop was held on May 27-th at the Faculty of Physics, room F103, starting at 09.00, in the frame of International Conference of Physics TIM 15-16.


The urban air quality in Timisoara is good, only the PM concentrations are over the limits, during special episodes, in certain locations. Air quality monitoring is a necessity, not only for the sustainable development of the region and the health of the inhabitant, but also because the pollution has no borders, once emitted are contributing to the climate change.  Urban air quality is mostly influenced by traffic and thus, the most effective method to reduce its pollution is to limit the sources, by all means. The support and the willingness of people to pay and contribute to the emission reduction of pollutants’ concentration and their potential damaging, as well by implementing smart technologies, or keeping special rules such as traffic reduction or introducing clean vehicles (bicycles, hybrid cars, public transport based on renewable fuels, etc) cleaning the roads fervently and professional, limiting the influence of bad roads or constructions, by repairing and using separation curtains, if necessary, surrounding traffic areas by green areas, with special capturing/filtering vegetations, etc. It is essential to have in place supporting complementary measures such as individualized awareness campaigns, soft mobility and motivation actions, etc.